Revised Housing Element open for comment through September 8, 2023

Housing Element Update: Revised Housing Element open for comment through September 8

Published September 1, 2023

The City of Piedmont has published a revised 6th Cycle Housing Element for a seven-day public comment period. The revisions do not alter the core of the City’s plan for accommodating 587 new homes by 2031, but provide additional detail about how the City’s plan will support housing mobility and affordability. The revised document also commits to providing additional  public outreach and education regarding Piedmont’s zoning, housing, and land use regulations.  

Revisions are shown in track changes in the amended document:

Community members may submit comments on the revised Housing Element through Friday, September 8 at 5pm by emailing [email protected].

After the comment period is complete, the City intends to submit the revised Housing Element to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for review on Friday, September 8. HCD will then have 60 days to review the revised document.

Revisions address remaining State comments on adopted Housing Element

The City Council unanimously voted to adopt the 6th Cycle Housing Element on March 20, 2023 and directed staff to make technical revisions necessary to obtain certification. The City submitted a revised Housing Element in May 2023 with added detail regarding timelines, evaluation, and some proposed programs in response to verbal feedback from State reviewers.

The City received formal comments from HCD on May 23rd, in a letter which confirmed the City had made substantial progress toward certification since first receiving written comments on its draft Housing Element in February 2023. Since receiving the letter, the City has worked diligently to address all outstanding concerns. Planning staff have met with State reviewers multiple times to discuss HCD’s questions and receive informal feedback on proposed revisions.

The City is optimistic that with these revisions, HCD will deem the City’s Housing Element to be in “substantial compliance” with State requirements.

Implementation already underway

Even as the City awaits certification from State reviewers, staff are actively working to implement the programs and policies outlined in the Housing Element:

  • Last year, the City established a new incentive for affordable ADUs and made it easier to convert existing spaces into new housing. This spring, the City conducted a survey of ADU owners, partly aimed at better understanding the barriers to ADU creation and how the City can incentivize affordable ADU rentals.
  • The City Council will consider two proposals intended to make it easier to create new housing at their next meeting on Tuesday, September 5 – a new incentive for affordable ADUs and objective design standards for multifamily and mixed-used buildings.
  • The City has recently begun work on the Moraga Canyon Specific Plan, a centerpiece of the adopted Housing Element. City Council awarded a contract to JZMK Associates to prepare the Specific Plan in July. Community engagement on this planning process will begin in early fall.
  • Planning staff are initiating other housing programs and actively pursuing State and regional grants to help finance the housing plan.

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