Budget Advisory & Financial Planning Committee

The Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee was formed by the City Council to review and provide comment on five year projections contained in the City's annual budget proposal, the proposed funding and expenditures from several long term funds, and the proposed mid-year budget adjustments.

It also provides a financial review of new programs in excess of $250,000 per year. The Committee also periodically reviews and comments on the long-term sufficiency of several city funds as well as making a recommendation on whether the Municipal Services Special tax should be continued at and what rate. Read the committee's full charge (PDF). 


  • Cathie Geddeis
  • Bill Hosler
  • Deborah Leland
  • Christina Paul
  • Maya Rath
  • Michael Reese
  • Frank Ryan
  • Chris Kwei (Alternate)

Council Liaison: Robert McBain | rmcbain@piedmont.ca.gov | (510) 420-3048
Staff Liaison: Michael Szczech | mszczech@piedmont.ca.gov | (510) 420-3045

Meeting Information & Agendas

View the current agenda (PDF). 

Meetings of the Budget Advisory and Financial Planning Committee are recorded for the purposes of creating minutes. Meeting minutes, and audio files for meetings after October 5, 2015, are available upon request from the City Clerk's office at (510) 420-3040.