Since traditional Halloween activities will be significantly affected by COVID-19, PRD has created a new, COVID-safe, community activity to celebrate Halloween and re-capture the fun and magic of the spooky season.

Join Explorer Henry Cavendish in his quest to find Dr. Blackwood’s hidden Halloween treasure, by participating in PRD’s week-long Halloween Treasure Hunt! Participants will have 1 week to explore Piedmont parks in order to find the missing clues, solve the puzzle, and collect their prize on Halloween.

PRD Staff and PHS Advanced Acting Students have joined together to create this fun, family-friendly scavenger hunt which features puzzles, prizes, simple at-home crafts, and a spooky backstory brought to life through pre-recorded videos. Follow the steps below to join the adventure this Halloween!

Follow the steps below to start your adventure!

Got questions? Send Jackson an email!

Treasure Hunt Safety

SafetyPRD is taking all necessary steps to make this event as safe as possible. The Treasure Hunt will last one week in order to allow participants plenty of time to search for clues at their leisure. 

Clues will be “found” using camera’s (iphones, tablets, etc.) and should not be touched/removed/shared or in any way used by participants. PRD staff will check each park daily during the event to ensure clues are safe and undisturbed.

Participants are expected to follow all park rules and regulations, including face-covering requirements, and to maintain proper social-distancing. This is not a group activity unless you are with members of your own household.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in disqualification from the event.

In general, Community members are reminded that this event, Halloween, and Día de Los Muertos are no different than the rest of the year when it comes to reducing the spread of COVID-19. Stay home if you feel sick or have come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19; wear a face covering whenever you leave home; and keep your distance from others (even relatives) who don’t live in your household, and remember that being outside is safer than being inside, especially in combination with face covering and keeping your distance.

Step 1

Step 1: Register for the Treasure Hunt. Register online here: Register for PRD Treasure Hunt and receive your welcome packet on Friday, 10/23.

Resident: $5/participant
Non-resident: $7/participant
Recommended Ages: 5-11 years old

Henry Cavendish needs your help!
Step 2

Step 2: The Hunt is on! Participants have 1 week, from Friday 10/23- Friday 10/30, to find the treasure. Using the map (contained in your welcome packet) and a camera (not included) participants try to find the missing clues and solve the riddle leading to the treasure. During the week, as you find and solve the clues, you’ll receive more information and special video’s revealing the story of Dr. Blackwood.
Step 3

Step 3: Find the Treasure! All participants receive a prize for playing on Halloween, but you’ll need to find and solve the clues to reveal the final location of the treasure. The more clues you solve, the bigger the prize! There is no benefit to finding clues first, and all participants will receive a prize for playing.