Public Safety Power Shutoff Updates
Posted on 10/23/2020

Updated Information - 10/25 10:30AM:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has reduced the number of homes in Piedmont which are slated to be affected by the Public Safety Power Shutoff scheduled to begin on Sunday evening, October 25th. The PSPS will be focused on the eastern portion of Piedmont. Residents can look their address up on PG&E’s web site to see whether they are slated to be affected by the planned outage. 

Extreme fire danger remains for the entire City. The National Weather Service has predicted sustained winds of 25-40 MPH and gusts to 60MPH for the hills. These high winds, combined with predicted low humidity are causing the extreme fire danger. All Piedmonters are advised to be prepared for wildfire and power outages during this wind event.

The East Bay hills will be under a Red Flag Warning issued by the National Weather Service from 11:00 a.m. Sunday, October 25th through 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday October 27th. During this time of high fire danger:

  • Do not use power tools such as mowers and weed trimmers in a way that can easily ignite dried vegetation. Have a fire extinguisher nearby if you must use these tools.
  • Ensure clear access for Fire Engine on your street and driveway. Fire engines need at least 12 feet of clearance and more on tight turns.
  • Do not use outdoor flames of any kind, including barbeques.

Piedmonters are urged to be Ready for Wildfire and prepare themselves for wildfire. Community members can:

  • Get Ready by creating defensible space around their home, hardening their homes against fire, and by installing fire resistant landscaping.
  • Get Set by creating a wildfire action plan and preparing family emergency kits
  • Be Ready to GO! if an evacuation is ordered.

The Piedmont Fire Department is adding additional staffing due to this predicted wind event. Additional information on how to be prepared for emergencies can be found in the Public Safety Committee’s Get Ready, Piedmont brochure.

During a Public Safety Power Shutoff, please call 911 to report any emergencies which occur. Please hold non-emergency calls until after the PSPS event has concluded. Residents can call Alameda County 211 for resource referrals.


Original Post 10/23:

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has announced that they may conduct a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) which could include portions of Piedmont beginning on Sunday evening, October 25th. They estimate that power will be restored no later than Tuesday, October 28th at Noon. Other power outages may occur as a result of this wind event. All Piedmonters are advised to be prepared for power outages during this wind event, which may or may not be proactive Public Safety Power Shutoffs. 

 It is likely that electricity to all residences, businesses, schools, mobile phone towers, and public facilities in the affected area may be turned off. Residents can visit PG&E’s PSPS page to look up, by address, whether their home will be affected. The City of Piedmont has no additional detail as to whether individual homes or businesses will be affected by the PSPS. Piedmonters are among the up to 450,000 PG&E customers across its service territory who are slated to be affected by this event.

To check whether your home might be affected by the PSPS, please visit the PG&E PSPS Address Look Up Tool.

Based upon information provided by PG&E it appears that all or portions on the following streets in Piedmont will most likely be included in this PSPS:

Abbott Way Maxwelton Road 
Cambrian Avenue Moraga Avenue
Cavanaugh Court Park Boulevard
Cavendish Lane Red Rock Road
Croydon Circle St. James Drive 
Echo Lane St. James Place
Estates Drive Sandringham Place
Hampton Road Sandringham Road
Huntleigh Road Selborne Drive
Inverleith Terrace Somerset Road
La Salle Avenue Trestle Glen Road
Lexford Road Wyngaard Avenue
Marlborough Court  


PG&E proactively turns off lines in the interest of safety to help reduce the likelihood of an ignition when extreme fire danger conditions are forecasted. PSPS can accompany fire weather, so we encourage all residents to be prepared for wildfires and possible power outages.

To be ready for a Public Safety Power Shutoff event, please take the following steps. 

  1. Make sure PG&E has your current contact information. Update your contact information with PG&E online or call (866) 743-6589.
  2. Check and update your emergency kit and supplies (include hard copies of critical information and life-saving prescriptions).
  3. Identify a place you can go to cool off, if necessary
  4. Have a back-up charging system for cell phones and keep devices fully charged at all times.
  5. Learn how to manually open your garage door.
  6. Keep cash on hand (credit/debit stations, and ATMs may be without power).
  7. Learn more about Public Safety Power Shutoffs in your area and work with your neighbors to make sure everyone is ready.
  8. Stay informed during disasters and sign up for alerts.

PG&E will attempt to reach customers through calls, texts and emails using the contact information they have on file for your account. PG&E will also use their web site and social media channels, and we will keep local news and radio outlets informed and updated.

Residents and businesses who are enrolled in East Bay Community Energy will be affected by these Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

The City of Piedmont has plans in place to ensure that emergency services are maintained during a Public Safety Power Shutoff, but affected residents will need to be self-reliant for a period of time. For more information on how to be prepared for emergencies, please see the Public Safety Committee’s Get Ready, Piedmont brochure.

During a Public Safety Power Shutoff, please call 911 for emergencies only! We expect our emergency dispatchers to be busy answering phone calls, but they will not know when your power will be turned back on. The City of Piedmont has implemented plans to ensure that emergency services are maintained. As soon as we have information as to when power will be restored, we will post the information on the City website and our social media sites.