PSPS Update - Power Restored to Piedmont
Posted on 10/09/2019

UPDATE 9:00AM 10/11 - As of last evening, PG&E has fully restored power to Piedmont. They are working on complete restoration of power to the over 750,000 people across California whose power was shut off. This will be the last update for this event.

UPDATE - 3:30 PM 10/10 - PG&E has informed Alameda County that they are beginning the process of inspecting power lines affected by the PSPS, which is the first step toward turning power back on. PG&E’s PSPS has affected over thirty counties in California, so the process of turning on power will take hours, or possibly days, to complete. PG&E conducts this work during daylight hours and into the evening. They have indicated that they have all available crews working on this process. At this point, there is no estimated restoration time for Piedmont or Alameda County.

To prevent damage when power comes back on, PG&E advises residents without power to unplug sensitive equipment (computers) and appliances and turn off light switches.

As you encounter PG&E workers, please be mindful that they are working to restore your power as quickly as possible.

UPDATE 9:30 AM 10/10 – PG&E estimates that it will be able to begin assessing its system in Alameda County for damage sometime early in the afternoon, today, Thursday 10/10. They have not provided an estimated time of restoration for Alameda County or Piedmont, but the process will take at least several hours after they have completed their damage assessment and could be several days. PG&E has also advised that no more residents will lose power in Alameda County due to the PSPS.

To prevent damage when power comes back on, PG&E advises residents without power to unplug sensitive equipment (computers) and appliances and turn off light switches.

East Bay MUD has requested that all residents be smart about their water use and conserve as mush as possible, as some of their facilities are operating on generators. See EBMUD’s web site for tips on how to conserve.

UPDATE 7:00AM 10/10 – Portions of Piedmont are waking up without power this morning, following PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff which began around 11:00PM on Wednesday, 10/9. Below is an image of the PG&E outage map taken at 6:45AM this morning. Portions of Montclair and other areas of Oakland are also without power this morning.

PG&E Outage Graphic 2019-10-10T0645

As of this time, the City of Piedmont has not received any indication from PG&E as to when restoration work will begin. Additional information will be posted as soon as it is received. 

PUSD has advised the Piedmont Schools will be OPEN today, Thursday 10/10

UPDATE 11:50PM 10/9: The City of Piedmont has been made aware the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff is under way. We’ve received information that portions of Piedmont in the areas of Oakland Avenue, Hampton Road, Indian Road, and St. James Drive. In addition, portions of Oakland are also without power. Please be careful when traversing the area. Below is a map taken from the PG&E web site at 11:50PM showing outage areas in Piedmont.

PG&E Outage Graphic 2019-10-09T2350

UPDATE 2:30PM 10/9: PG&E has announced that the start time of the PSPS which may affect Piedmont is delayed until 8:00PM on Wed. 10/9. This is a result of a change in weather forecast, which indicates winds will start later than originally anticipated. 

ORIGINAL POST - Pacific Gas and Electric Company has confirmed their intent to conduct a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) which will include portions of Piedmont as early as Wednesday, October 9th at 12:00 Noon and could last for up to 5 days. Other power outages may occur as a result of this wind event. All Piedmonters are advised to be prepared for power outages during this wind event, which may or may not be proactive Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

Preparedness information is available in the Get Ready, Piedmont! brochure.

Based upon information provided by PG&E it appears that all or portions on the following streets in Piedmont will most likely be included in this PSPS:


Streets Possibly Affected by Public Safety Power Shutoff
 Street  Street
 Blair Avenue  La Salle Avenue
 Blair Place  Lexford Road
 Calvert Court  Marlborough Court
 Cambrian Avenue  Sandringham Place
 Cavanagh Court

Sandringham Road

 Cavendish Lane  Sea View Avenue
 Crest Road  Selborne Drive
 Croydon Circle  Somerset Road
 Estates Drive  Sotelo Avenue
 Farragut Avenue  St. James Circle
 Glen Alpine Road  St. James Drive
 Hampton Road  St. James Place
 Huntleigh Road  Trestle Glen Road
 Indian Road  Tyson Circle

 Indian Gulch

 Valant Place
 King Avenue  

It is probable that electricity to all residences, businesses, schools, mobile phone towers, and public facilities in the affected area may be turned off. The City of Piedmont has no additional detail as to whether individual homes or businesses will be affected by the PSPS. Piedmonters are among the up to 750,000 PG&E customers in 32 counties who will be affected by this event.

PG&E will attempt to alert affected customers through calls and texts messages just before power is shut off. They will also use their web site and social media channels to provide information and will keep local news and radio outlets informed and updated.

Residents and businesses who are enrolled in East Bay Community Energy will be affected by these Public Safety Power Shutoffs.

The City of Piedmont has plans in place to ensure that emergency services and public safety are maintained during a Public Safety Power Shutoff, but affected residents will need to be self-reliant for a period of time. For more information on how to be prepared for emergencies, please see the Public Safety Committee’s Get Ready, Piedmont brochure.

During a Public Safety Power Shutoff, please call 911 to report any emergencies which occur. Please hold non-emergency calls until after the after the PSPS event has concluded.