PRD Air Quality Guidelines

To help ensure the safety of all program participants and staff, PRD monitors weather conditions and air quality closely. In the event of inclement weather or unsafe air quality, PRD programming may be moved, modified, postponed, or cancelled at the discretion of PRD staff.

Due to COVID safety precautions, programs or classes may be cancelled rather than moved indoors at certain locations. 

Air Quality Monitoring Site

PRD uses the Fire and Smoke Map ( and specifically the Laney College Monitor. This map was jointly made by the EPA and the US Forest Service and provides consolidated air quality data from several sources in one place. Click on the colored dot on the left side of the map to see specific monitors in our area.

AQI Thresholds and Notifications

If AQI is above 125 pm2.5, programs will be cancelled. Program participants will be notified via email that programming is cancelled that day. PRD will try to give participants at least 2 hour notice if programming will be cancelled due to AQI.

If AQI reaches 110 pm2.5 during a program, participants will be notified via email that programming may be modified or cancelled if AQI reaches 125 pm2.5.

AQI can change quickly throughout the day and decisions may need to be made right before the start of a program or during a program. Advance notification may not be possible. Cancellation of the program will be the responsibility of PRD staff, or their designated representative, at the program site.

Credit/Refund Policy for Programs Affected by AQI

Participants will automatically be credited for programs/classes that are cancelled prior to their scheduled start time due to unsafe Air Quality. Programs that are cancelled while operating will not be credited/refunded. These credits do not expire, and may be used at any time for future PRD programming. If you prefer to receive a refund rather than a credit, please email [email protected].