A Letter from Mayor McBain
Posted on 03/18/2020

May 13, 2020

Dear Fellow Piedmonters: 

Several weeks ago I wrote to the Piedmont community about the unprecedented events precipitated by the Covid-19 crisis.  As we enter the ninth week of this shared experience, it’s important to reflect on these recent times.

I was confident that our community would respond strongly and support steps taken to slow the spread of the virus.  We are a conscientious and respectful community that understands the issues.  Nonetheless, I was still amazed at the overwhelmingly considerate and respectful response of the Piedmont community.   The lock down has been both troubling and frustrating: so I’m deeply appreciative of the collective effort to work within the restrictions, support neighbors and lend a helping hand when needed.  It has been very gratifying.  And, equally important, people have kept their sense of humor throughout this grinding process.  

I was also confident that Piedmont’s talented city staff would continue to provide essential services in a timely and professional manner.  Police, Fire and Public Works have remained on the job and continued to respond to the needs of residents.  And in the background, city staff has worked hard to conduct regular city business and address the rapidly evolving Covid-19 demands.  None of this was planned; the staff has pivoted as required and taken steps to maintain services and adapt to changed conditions.  And this work has been done almost exclusively by working remote.  We have invested in and upgraded our technology in recent years.  And this investment has really paid off.

So where do we go from here?  I’m sure almost everyone is asking that question.  Unfortunately, there remains much uncertainty;  we cannot act unilaterally and will continue to follow Alameda County Health Department guidelines.  I’m hopeful that we will get more guidance in the near future and can begin to move forward. Our staff is committed to restoring services and programs as soon as possible as allowed by health department guidelines. The reopening of our parks is a small but important step.  And loosening restrictions on construction projects and landscaping is a very positive sign.

On a personal note, this is a challenging time for any elected official.   However, as I recently told the mayor of a nearby city,  given Piedmont’s tremendous residents and great staff, I’m fortunate to serve this community even in these tough times. 


Robert McBain


March 18, 2020

Dear Fellow Piedmonters: Mayor McBain
This is an unprecedented time in our lives. It is imperative that we work together as a community to try and keep our residents from contracting (Coronavirus) COVID-19. As Mayor of Piedmont, I implore each and every one of you to follow the Alameda County guidelines to shelter in place, and only leave your homes for essential needs - groceries, pharmacy, gas, banking, and of course walking your furry housemates. 
We know Piedmont is a social place, but we ask that all residents, no matter what age, practice social distancing and avoid gathering for social purposes. This is also true at our dog parks and includes distancing your pets. It is not rude to stand 6 feet away, it is the most polite and thoughtful thing you can do for the next three weeks. This virus is not obvious. It is spreading throughout Alameda County and likely already spreading within Piedmont. It is possible to be contagious without symptoms. Our job as responsible citizens is to do everything in our power to slow down the spread of this virus so we do not overwhelm our healthcare system. 

We have many seniors living in our community. Please look out for your neighbors as you would during any emergency. And if you are older than 60 years or have underlying health conditions, please ask someone else to help you take care of your essential needs. Our city staff is working hard to keep our City website up to date with information and resources and of course our Police and Fire Departments are fully staffed and working to respond to any emergency calls. We need to keep our first responders safe and healthy as well. You should also have confidence in your neighbors. We are a community of smart, resourceful and compassionate people. With those collective strengths, I am confident we will persevere and meet the challenges in the days ahead. 

If we look out for one another, and prioritize our collective health, together we will get through this, one day at a time. 



Robert McBain